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From the lush greenery of the Lake District, to the bohemian cultural melting pots of Liverpool and Bristol, England has much to offer. The ancestral home of Shakespeare, John Lennon, Winston Churchill and Charles Darwin, England has produced and inspired many great thinkers and artists. The deep-rooted history of this country pervades every corner of the land; from the smallest rural towns to the biggest cities we can see evidence of the extraordinary history of the land and the peoples.

Castles and historic architecture stand proudly next to modern, contemporary buildings and every 100 miles the accent completely changes, along with the football teams, although you can rest assured that you will find a pub on most streets. Ever changing, this unique country has now developed into a fusion of cultures, peoples, beliefs and food. Proud inventors of delicacies such as ‘toad in the hole’, visitors will find connections between the old and the new in every location, and delight at the many inspirational and beautiful areas to be explored.

We love England because...

  • Cultural melting pot
  • Charming and diverse countryside
  • A journey through history
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